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What Goes into the Making of IAM Technology in Financial Services Industry?

Financial services industry—which includes banking, insurance, risk management, wealth management, asset management, and others that are monitored at the state and federal levels—is subjected to various regulations. It is crucial to explore technological aspects involved in the implementation of IAM…

When it Comes to Unifying Identities, Stop Burdening the Active Directory

Hybrid IT is fueling the digitization agenda by aligning strategic requirements of IT function, while transforming IT architectures and supported roles. As some apps are linked on-premise and some to cloud, it is crucial to ensure that identity and access related dynamism falls in line…

Industry Regulations that Require IAM Solutions

Regulatory compliances and IAM technology go hand-in-hand, as they focus on the same two entities—user and data. At a high level, it includes users’ actions around data, users’ accountability, users’ privacy and data protection. While IAM implementation is often believed to be a high expense task for organizations…

Securology Edition 1

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Businesses are grappling with of management of technology. Securology an initiative to help business find specific technology insights to help them make better IT decisions. It is an initiative to bring a competitive advantage in Enterprise IT practices with a futuristic insight.

The flagship edition focusses on key enterprise IT issues including:

  • Tactical IAM for financial services industry,
  • SSH keys – access mismanagement,
  • Why businesses must stop burdening the Active Directory
  • And more.

In the coming issues of Securology we will explore insights, challenges and best practices surrounding Enterprise IT. This includes Identity and Access Management technology, Cyber/IT Security, Application Integration, Data Management Strategies, enterprise network and security, threat detection, assessments, security audit & compliance and more.

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