About Us

Securology is an initiative to enable businesses identify challenges around enterprise security. We envision technology as a strategic business facilitator. The world is abuzz with businesses readily embracing technology to achieve competitive advantage. With technological advancements, a parallel need for studying the security paradigm surrounding new technologies has been stated time and again.

While information available in the market supports the short-term needs of new technologies, a long-term perspective is often missing. Given the threat-landscape, it is becoming important to study and visualize the security paradigm. Through Securology, we explore insights, challenges and best practices surrounding various Enterprise IT settings.

This includes Identity and Access Management technology, Cyber/IT Security, Application Integration, Data Management Strategies, enterprise network and security, threat detection, assessments, security audit & compliance and more.

We have a strong network of IT professionals and business decision makers in technology sphere, to define facilitate technology as a business enabler.

Enterprise IT needs constant work! Our expertise spans across a wide range of IT capabilities including Cyber Security, System Integration, Hybrid IT Management, Application Connections and so on.