FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Securology?

Securology is a IT Security Magazine – in print and digital versions. Through this magazine we explore insights, challenges and best practices surrounding various Enterprise IT settings. This includes Identity and Access Management technology, Cyber/IT Security, Application Integration, Data Management Strategies, enterprise network and security, threat detection, assessments, security audit & compliance and more.

When was your first edition?

Our first edition hit the shelf on Mar 2018.

What is your readership and circulation:

We have the readership of Senior & Mid-level Professionals in IT and Non IT. We also have a readership of business decision makers. In terms of circulation we print over 1,000 copies and 15,000 copies are digitally shared.

What Publishing Rights do you have?

We are registered with ISSN
Securology (Print) – ISSN 2576-3369
Securology (Online) – ISSN 2576-3377